Analogue thoughts in an increasingly binary world.

(de) are fragmented thoughts in multiple forms: collages, blackout poetry, printed matter, canvas, wheatpasting, murals… Material provocations to question what is taken for granted and to imagine the unimaginable.

As fragments of imagination, I hope these provocations find a better place in a dynamic newsletter than left for dead in a static portfolio website or fighting for survival in a fast-food-algorithm-driven-attention-grabber ’social’ platform. Also I’ve been wanting to improve on my writing for a while, so starting a newsletter seemed like the right move

What can you expect?

By subscribing you can expect a post every Thursday at 6PM (CET) (or Friday… sometimes every other week… I’m only human) with:

  • Newly finished work with short explanation of the process and reflections on the concept;

  • Occasional updates on the process including unfinished work, failures, techniques, inspiration, etc.

  • A casual rant or two about nothing but everything;

  • Interesting stuff I see, watch, listen and that in someway relates to (de)’s work.

Who is (de) or (de)conceptualise?

I’m Pedro a Portuguese design researcher also working at the intersection of participation and speculative design. Due to the digital nature of most of my work as a design researcher, (de)conceptualise started in 2019 as an hobbiesque-escape into printmaking which would then develop into to what it is today.

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Text, prints, collages, wheatpasted posters... Analogue provocations in an increasingly binary world.